The Problem with Christians Today.

My wife read a passage to me last night from the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (the book is supposed to be really good, the movie just so-so).  The passage summed up what is basically wrong with Christians today.  It said:

“I want to have a lasting experience of God…Sometimes I feel like I understand the divinity of this world, but then I lose it because I get distracted by my petty desires and fears.  I want to be with God all the time.  But I don’t want to be a monk, or totally give up worldly pleasures.  I guess what I want to learn is how to live in this world and enjoy its delights, but also devote myself to God.”

That is a slippery slope!  I don’t think that you have to live like a pauper and shun all the things of the world, but I know that you can’t necessarily have your cake and eat it too.  You can’t have the all pleasures of the world, and be fully devoted to Christ.  You can’t have two masters.

Just a quick post for today, but we will come back to this topic.  For now think about this; are you devoting your life completely to God, or are you trying to pick and chose some of the worldly delights and add them into your relationship with God?