God WILL give you more than you can handle!

I have always been under the assumption that God will never give you more than you can handle.  Whenever things are difficult I would know that I would get through it because, no matter how hard it seemed, God was using the situation to make me stronger, but I could handle it.

This is complete nonsense!

God will, and does give us more than we can handle on our own.  He will absolutely put us in situations that will completely break us and that are beyond our ability to manage.  Think about it; if we could handle everything then why would we need God?  Why would we need to put our trust in someone else if we could manage all the time?

God wants all of our trust, all of our commitment, all of our love.  He doesn’t want to be our backup plan when all else fails.  God needs to be the first place we go; no matter how difficult, or easy the situation.  We should not be fooled into thinking that we can handle anything on our own!  Without God we can do nothing, but through him we can do all things!

It was good to have my little bubble popped so that I would stop thinking that I was capable of so much and start thinking about how much I need to rely on God.  As men we are notorious for being self sufficient, or at least thinking that we are.  We don’t ask for direction, don’t ask for help, and don’t admit when we are wrong.

The reality is that we are completely messed up, flawed, and incompetent human beings just like everyone else.  Embrace it!  The sooner we realize that we can’t do it on our own, and turn to God and ask for His help, the better off we will be!  The sooner we will actually start living our lives focused on God and not on ourselves.

We can’t do anything without God, that is the reality!

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