Men of God: Joseph

I want to take a look at some of the men in the Bible who were all-in for God.  These men are who you think about when you think of a man of God.  Men like Moses, Joseph, David, and Jesus (ok, so the last one is a bit obvious…).  I want to look at not only what these men did that made them Godly men, but also how they were Godly men despite what they did.

Let’s look first at Joseph.  As the youngest of 10 brothers and the favorite son of his father Joseph was a spoiled little kid.  Just look at his coat, in those days that would be like your dad giving you a Mecedes for your 16th birthday!

Joseph’s arrogance and pride as a young man would be his down fall when his brothers had finally had enough, took his clothes and threw him in a pit (not a good day for anyone!).

This is where I see Joseph’s time as a man of God truly begins.  This is also where we start to see a lesson from Joseph’s life.  Sometimes, even when you feel like you are doing everything right, playing by all the rules; God has another plan for your life that you won’t understand, and that may not seem fair.  From here on out that is pretty much Joseph’s life!  Despite some awful circumstances Joseph makes the best of his situation.

He does the best job that he can for his captor, and Potiphar’s household is blessed because of Joseph.  At this point I am thinking that God will reward Joseph for his positive attitude and hard work.  Does He?  No!  He gets thrown in jail because he won’t sleep with another man’s wife (makes perfect sense…NOT!).

Thrown in jail most of us would give up.  I mean, come on!  He made the right move to not fool around with a married woman right?  A fair and just God would reward him for that, not get him arrested.  Instead God put Joseph in exactly the right place at the right time, even if it was the last place Joseph expected to be.  He became a big shot in the prison, for all intents and purposes he was running the place.  He was perfectly positioned (by God) to interpret the dreams of the cup bearer and the baker, which led to him becoming a trusted confidant of the king.  Going from prisoner to the second most powerful man in Egypt isn’t too shabby!

The thing is he could never have done it if he had given up and walked away from God when things got hard!  We have to always remember that God wants good things for us.  He wants us to prosper and have a good life.  No matter how awful or desperate things seem at the time, God always has a good plan!  That is a truly reassuring thought!

Joseph’s life teaches us that all our actions are important, and all our actions have an affect on those around us.  Joseph’s actions as a young man; an arrogant, spoiled, full of himself young man; caused his brothers to sell him into slavery.  His actions later in his life caused those around him to trust him completely (because wether they knew it or not he had God at his side!) and to give him control of an incredible amount of things (what warden in the world is going to turn the prison over to one of the inmates…it would be suicide!).

I know that I am not the most eloquent and this is just my ramblings, but the take away message is this:  No matter what our situation in life; wether we did something wrong and are in a bad place, or wether we feel like we have done everything right and God is just punishing us for no reason; all we can do it to be humble before God, to thank Him for all that He has done for us, and to do the best we can in whatever situation we find ourselves in.  God always has a plan for us, a good plan, we just have to trust Him enough to follow Him no matter where He takes us!


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