Do you ever have those times when it is just not exciting to be a Christian?  When you don’t feel like you are getting anything out of reading the Bible?  Does this mean that you are doing something wrong?  Shouldn’t you be on fire for God all the time?

The answer is no, and yes…

Think back to last Wednesday.  Do you remember what you had for lunch?  No!  Ok, how about what you had for dinner two weeks ago Thursday?  Still nothing!  Even though you can’t remember what you ate for every meal of every day, that food still nourished and strengthened your body.  It is the same with God’s word and with being a Christian.  We may not remember everything that we read in the Bible.  We may have days when it feels like we are just going through the motions, when there is no spark, no epiphany, no fireworks; days when being a Christian is kind of boring.  Let’s face it, the world throws out a lot of things that seem like they would be way more fun than walking the straight line and following Christ.

Shouldn’t we be living each day with the same high that we had when we first came to Christ?  When we truly felt like we were on fire for God and nothing could distract us?  That would be nice wouldn’t it!  But the truth is that you can’t live every day of your life pumped up on adrenalin, it would kill you!!  We have to pace ourselves, and it is in these down times when your true character comes out.

Just like those meals that you can’t remember, those daily bible readings that seem insignificant are feeding you, strengthening you, bringing you closer to God.  The main thing is to just keep doing it.  Keep reading in the Word everyday.  Keep living your life for Christ no matter how boring it seems.  Do not start looking for fullfillment or excitement outside of God, He is right beside you, everyday, and He is the one that will provide every good thing for you.

Even soldiers in a war aren’t actively engaged in battle every minute of everyday.  Much of their time is spent planning, preparing, maintaining their tools and their bodies so that when the time comes for them to fight they are ready.  Do the same in your walk with Christ.  When there are down times, prepare yourself for the coming battles.  Pray, read in the word, focus on God and what he is doing in your life.

The excitement will come, will will you be ready for it?


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