Man of God Top 10 – #9 Pursue God

Alright, I told you we would get to the pursuing part didn’t I (aren’t you glad you came back?).

“But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.”  1 Timothy 6:11

I love this because God, through Paul, is giving us this dual directive; flee and pursue.  What he is really doing is pointing us in the right direction for our lives.  It is like saying, walk out of the dark room and into the light of day.

There is a lot in this verse, and we will cover more of it in some of the top 10 to come.  Right now let’s focus on the pursuing part.  This is all about pursuing God, pursuing the things of God that he has set out for us.  These are the things that will set us apart as men of God!  How great is it that God gives us one verse that lines it out for us, like marching orders for men of God.  I will add one more pursuit to this list, peace (Psalm 34:14, 1 Peter 3:11).

So what does God mean by pursue?  The definition of pursue is: to find or employ measures to obtain or accomplish; to proceed along; to engage in.  All of these parts of the definition are what God is asking us to do here.  Find a way to accomplish these things in our life, proceed along the path that God has set out for us by pursuing these things, and engage yourself in the pursuit of these things.

For those of you that hunt, especially bow hunters, it’s like when you are stalking a bull elk.  You know what your goal is, you can hear the elk bugling and making noise, and you are completely focused on the hunt.  Every one of your senses is on high alert; eyes, nose, ears all working overtime.  The adrenaline is kicked in and you can think of nothing else but the thing that you are pursuing.

That is what God is talking about here.  This is not an academic exercise where you go to the library, do some research on these words and concepts, find out their Greek origins and meanings so that you can regurgitate them at some bible study later.  Come on!  Really pursue these with everything you are!  Everyday!  This is what God wants his men to be like.

Look at the list, really look at it and think about what it would be like if more men were to spend their time pursuing these things, instead of the things of the world.  I can think of nothing greater for my sons than if they were to earnestly pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, gentleness, and peace.  Obviously we have obligations and thing that have to get done; work, chores, taking care of our families, balancing the checkbook, education, etc.  But how many of these things could you fit into one of those pursuits?  How many of those things could you be doing with an eye toward pursuing God and how many lives could you touch for Jesus in the process?

Men, your mission today and everyday: Pursue God!



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