Men’s Group

There is something about a group of guys getting together; having coffee, eating lunch,playing golf, going for a hike, or just hanging out, that just lets us relax and be ourselves.  When we find a group of like-minded men that we can really talk to, bounce ideas off of, and get encouragement from, it is a great thing.

I strongly encourage you to find such a group of men.  If there is a group in your church that meets regularly see if you can join them.  If not, start your own!  Call a couple of the Christian men that you know and see if they want to get together for lunch once a week.  It is an easy thing and can be a great source of accountability and fellowship.

You can find a book to read through and discuss, work through books of the bible, or keep it free form and just talk about the things that you are going through in life, the challenges you are encountering, and where God has been taking you lately.

Now that you know how easy and encouraging is can be to get a men’s group together, what are you waiting for?  Get on the phone and call your buddies.  You no longer have any excuse!


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